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Our team of property managers on the Sunshine Coast understand that your rental property is an investment towards your financial future. Our commitment is to protect your asset and your best interests but most importantly, finding you the highest quality tenant.

In-depth tenant screening

VEDA National Tenant Database

Our property managers on the Sunshine Coast understand that rental investments are a huge part of your financial security. Your assets must be generating constant income with very minimal down time. This responsibility we take very seriously and our screening process ensures we find you the best type of tenant. The VEDA tenant database give us a valuable insight into a tenants financial history. Everything from bankruptcies court judgments, unpaid debts and credit history. There are many excellent tenant applicants and our process makes sure your tenant will have passed all the strict background checks.

  • Property Management Sunshine Coast
  • 8.8% inc GST flat rate management fee 
  • Free professional photography shoot 
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  • No lease renewal, admin, inspection fees
  • No hidden costs on repairs/maintenance
  • VEDA National tenancy database checks
  • Property inspections every 3/4 months
  • Comprehensive Entry Condition Report
  • Photo records of entry and exit condition
  • 4 Weeks Rent Bond lodgement with RTA
  • Issue notices in accordance with the act
  • Our commitment to protect your assets 
Internet Marketing
This is by far the largest marketing tool available to us, and is very effective. Blue Moon Property Nambour real estate agents will list your property on the top 3 property websites, with the most popular being that delivers results to over one million Qld property seekers to listings each month. The most important part of internet marketing of property is the photographs. Research shows that the more photographs you show of a property the more enquiries you get. We will always use as many photographs as possible and ensure they promote your property in the best possible light. Blue Moon Property Nambour offers professional real estate photography free of charge to all of our clients.

Landlord Insurance

Our tenant screening processes are the best available in Australia and a comprehensive Landlord insurance adds a final layer of protection for your valuable asset. Landlord insurance protects you from loss of rental income as a result of scenarios such as those listed below.
  • Absconding tenant or defaulting tenant
  • Failure to give vacant possession
  • Death of a tenant or hardship
  • Untenantable or prevention of access
  • Failure to vacate a holiday let property
  • Malicious damage caused by tenant

These types of event are very rare. As your property manager, our role is to have you covered for ever possible scenario and to ensure your asset is protected.

We appreciate that with an investment property any vacancy period is costing you money. At Blue Moon Rental Property Management Nambour Sunshine Coast every effort is made to ensure your property is let for the best possible price in the shortest possible time.

Getting things right before moving day: Prior to the tenancy commencing, Blue Moon property Nambour real estate agents will have carried out a thorough Entry Condition Report for your property. This comprises of a detailed written account of the fixtures and fittings and their condition paying particular attention to cleanliness and any damages. The written report is supported by a large number of digital photographs. It is vital these reports are detailed and thorough as they provide the base we have to work off to ensure the tenants look after your property and keep it in the same condition, of course allowing for ‘fair wear and tear’. These reports also provide the evidence we require should we need to claim any money from the tenants at the end of their tenancy. It is important to remember that the condition the tenant takes the property in is the condition they must return it in. Therefore, it is necessary to start with the property in good order to maintain a high standard and attract a quality tenant. We will always advise you if there are any necessary maintenance issues that should be attended to. Prior to your tenants moving in Blue Moon Property will collect a bond from them (equivalent of 4 weeks rent) plus 2 weeks rent in advance. We then pay the bond to and register it with the Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) on your behalf, dealing with all the required legal documentation that goes with this.

We keep a close eye on your property: At Blue Moon Property real estate agents Sunshine Coast it is our policy to inspect your property four weeks after the tenancy commences and every three to four months thereafter. Legislation does not allow for routine inspections to be carried out more frequently than every three months. The purpose of these inspections is to ensure the tenants are taking good care of your property and also to look for any maintenance problems there may be. Regular inspections are paramount to manage your property effectively and ensure the quality of your tenants remains high. We are thorough during these inspections and take photographs while we are there to support anything we are noting. Should you reside interstate or overseas, we are more than happy, upon specific request, to take general photographs of the property while we are on these inspections so you can monitor the condition of your property from afar! Following the inspection you will receive a written inspection report detailing the manner in which the tenant is caring for your property and its general condition (including recommendations for present and future maintenance). Our Blue Moon Property team are continuously driving around the area and will conduct ‘random curb side inspections’ on the properties that we manage. If we notice anything that is not as it should be we will make a courtesy call to the tenants.

Zero tolerance on rental arrears: Through Blue Moon Property's strict tenant selection procedures, we are pleased to say that our percentage of tenants in arrears is always very minimal. However should a tenant fall into arrears we follow the guidelines of the Residential Tenancies Authority as set out below the guidelines of the Residential Tenancies Authority as set out below. Allowance must be made, if posting, for public holidays and weekends when serving notices. We would normally hand deliver these notices. To help avoid getting to this stage we will always send a courteous reminder via SMS to the tenants on Day 3 and then phone them.

  • Day 4. During this entire rent arrears process we communicate with you and the tenant to resolve the problem as quick as possible.
  •  Day 8 Notice to Remedy Breach is issued to tenant
  •  Day 18 Notice to leave is issued to tenant
  •  Day 27 Tenant to vacate and Bond claimed to cover rental arrears. Should your tenant not vacate, it will be necessary to issue an Urgent Application for Termination with the Small Claims Tribunal. We will only make an application if we are confident it is in your best interest.

Adhering to the rules: One of the most complex areas of property management is the legislation and paperwork that is required under the New Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act that came into operation on the 3rd April 1995 and was last updated in 2008. It is also vital to ensure guidelines and rules from other relevant acts, such as the Property Occupation Act 2014, the Privacy Act, the Anti - Discrimination Act and Trade Practices Act are strictly adhered to. All these acts provide for large penalties to be imposed on landlords and agents who do not comply with the provisions of the legislation, its documentation and time restraints. This is why it is imperative to entrust your property to an agent who is fully licensed with staff who are well - trained in all facets of property management, in particular the legislation. As your real estate property managers Blue Moon Property will:

Prepare and have signed a Residential Tenancy Agreement
Collect a bond equivalent to four weeks rent and lodge with the RTA
Complete a comprehensive Entry Condition Report
Issue tenants with all other relevant notices in accordance with the acts.

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